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Fight Against Slavery  works within the U.K to support the victims of any kind of slavery. We also work for the prevention of Human Trafficking in Europe.  We work for the strengthening social bonds within UK communities, to provide and outsource emotional and financial support.

Pet Therapy For Trafficked Children 

Child trafficking and modern slavery are child abuse. Children are recruited, moved or transported and then exploited, forced to work or sold. Many children are trafficked into the UK from abroad, but children can also be trafficked from one part of the UK to another.

The number of children identified as being trafficked,for labour and sexual exploitation, increased by 46% last year, according to data published by the National Crime Agency.

Due to recent events in Calais, many children come from the camp to UK, mostly unaccompanied.

Albanian, Vietnamese and British were identified as the most common nationalities of children trafficked or at risk of being trafficked in 2015 and 2016.

For these reasons, the scope of our project is :

• To promote better life infrastructures by offering children a chance to get education and the feeling that they matter. Many children flee the centre they are placed in and go back to their trafficker, who knows how to manipulate them into feeling important. By letting children around animals, they will gain a sense of self worth and of responsibility, feeling like they belong.

• To help children be aware of boundaries, to have a sense of right and wrong, by teaching them about their responsibilities with animals (feeding, cleaning, educating) and by giving them fun and educational activities.

• To feel able to identifydanger, to identify where they can find a safe place to speak, by providing them with a tutor who will follow their progress regarding inclusion and sociability. Children may be scared to speak out about their concerns, for lack of trust. It is important to provide them with a safe environment.

• To provide an environmentwhere children can have a childhood, by creating a space that is customised to their needs. They should be put in a place where things.

• To fight against discrimination and exclusion by giving children basic education. In many cases children will need to learn social values from scratch. This is linked to their learning about boundaries, responsibilities and self-worth.

• To give children a chance to have a normal life, even after enduring difficult situations and events, by providing therapy sessions and by setting up a system where every child is known about, is looked after and interviewed in a non-formal setting to monitor how they are getting on.

Project specification

Our project is to give hospitality and psychological support to children victims of human trafficking, in London area, whether they are UK nationals or refugee children who have been placed in care by local authorities. We would like to create a shelter where children can find safety, but also psychological support and a sense of self-worth. With this project, we would like to focus on the factors that push children to run away from the centre they are placed in by local authorities. Our project puts an emphasis on children's wellbeing by offering pet therapy among other activities. Through this project, we want to offer :

• A place designed for children, where they can sleep, eat and play.

• A set of activities for children to be entertained.

• English lessons in order to prepare those children's future

• The company of cats and dogs, that children would care for, look after and play with.

• Psychological support with a qualified person to meet children on a regular basis in order to assess their social integration and to recommend action if necessary. This person would also assess if the child is likely to want to run away.

• A set of educational activitites to prepare children for daily life and for children to have a sense of responsibility : cleaning, cooking, tidying, etc, thanks to the partnership with several people and trademarks that may want to cooperate.

• A group session every week for children to express themselves to a group and where children can support each other.

• Computer lessons and internet lessons for children to be able to learn on their own about the world.

• Sports activities with the help of potential partners.