International Projects


Colombia-Ecuador "Proyecto Mujeres" 

Our aim is to give legal and psycho-social assistance to young women victims of trafficking in the region across the border between Ecuador and Colombia. In this region women have been subjected to a threats and violence exercised by armed groups and traffickers. Often they have been forced to leave their own land to join the sex market or to work under unacceptable working conditions. We want to support these young women to affirm and defend their rights as workers, women and human beings.

Brazil "Projeto Crianças de Rua"

We want to fight the sex trafficking of Brazilian children both at the origin and destination points of the trafficking route. For this reason our project will focus on the city of Salvador de Bahia and the city of São Paulo. We want to give to the street children of Salvador de Bahia, who at risk of being involved in trafficking and prostitution, a safe place to grow up and the educational instruments to construct a brighter future. Moreover we want to support young indigenous girls and vulnerable women of São Paulo that  are involved in prostitution or  are at risk of being trafficked , to exit the sex industry and reconstruct their lives.

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