Fight for a world without slavery


Human rights are praised more than ever - and violated as much as ever

 Anna Lindh

We are an NGO founded upon the basic principle that "no-one can own anyone". We work for the advancement of Human Rights and the improvement  of social welfare.

We work to fight international human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

We want to relieve and assist those who are or have been victims of such abuse. 

We are  organised around 3 departments: Latin America, Asia and UK. 

Moreover, we have a Campaign team that works for the advancement of human rights by targeting a number of issues such as children marriages, hate crimes and sexual exploitation. 

Our mission is to fight human trafficking for the purpose of sexual or labour exploitation in the Uk and abroad. We want to support survivals of trafficking, victims of sexual violence, gender violence and hate crimes trough the whole rehabilitation path. 

We aim to offer them a broad assistance that includes legal, psychological and educational support. We want to assist these people from the moment of their escape from the trafficking market until their reintegration in society. Beyond offering a “temporary” accommodation to the victims, we aim to give them a long-term support that could radically change their lives by putting them in the condition of reaching economic independence through our professional courses and training schemes.

We also work on the support of peace-building processes and to affirm the human rights of women, minority groups and Indigenous communities as means of construction of a non violent society. We want to construct regional anti-trafficking fronts by linking different organisations and research institutes to work together for the advancement of human rights.

All our projects are based on a preliminary research and analysis of the socio-economical conditions of geographical regions affected by the trafficking issue. We then formulate an anti-trafficking proposal specifically tailored for the needs of a certain social context. Working within a multi-cultural social texture we always make sure to respect different cultural perspectives. We always establish a number of partnerships with local NGOs that share with us their knowledge of specific regions and help us to establish positive relationships with local communities. Our mission is to promote human rights in the absolute respect of the local context where we operate.